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Skin and Nail Care

What is ingrown toenail?

Onychocryptosis or ingrown toenail is very painful condition when the side of a nail penetrates the surrounding skin. The concerned area may become red, hot and swollen, it may also become infected if not treated immediately and in some cases does not heal unless the nail is removed.
Possible causes:

  • Poor nail cutting technique
  • Wrong choice of footwear (i.e. too tight, pointy toe box)
  • Injury
  • Genetics or natural shape of nail
  • Fungal nail infection
  • Thickening of nail plate due to age, poor blood supply

Treatment options for ingrown toenail

  • Appropriate footwear with deep toe box
  • Proper cutting techniques
  • Antibiotic therapy (added when area is infected)

Partial Nail Avulsion

Total Nail AvulsionPartial Nail Avulsion (PNA) a minor nail procedure, which has permanent result. PNA consist of removing section of a nail under local anaesthesia and possibly resection of nail matrix with phenol to prevent reoccurrence. Procedure is shown to be effective, minimal pain and fast recovery. Nail surgery is performed by using of sterile techniques to minimise risk of infection and complications.
Patient will be required to follow simple instructions at home and return for few redresses. Usual full recovery time is 3-6weeks, however majority of patients are able to start work following day. Partial nail avulsion has good cosmetic results as there is no stitching required.
Total Nail Avulsion (TNA) is a full removal of a nail plate, performed with sterile technique and under local anaesthetic. TNA can be used in severe cases of ingrown toenail or traumatic nails.

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