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Fungal Nails

Laser light passes through the nail and the surrounding tissue and is absorbed by the darker pigment of the fungi, causing the cells to heat. The combination of head and light selectively destroys the fungus, leaving normal surrounding cells unharmed. As the nail continues to grow, the infected area grows out with it leaving behind new clear nail.

Depending on how many toes are affected, the laser procedure will take around 10-20 minutes.

Most people feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure. No pain medication is needed and most peole find the treatment very easy to tolerate.

In study where 46%, almost half of the nail were significantly infected, 70% of the nails showed great improvement after only two treatments, 6 weeks apart.


The common wart is known as verruca vulgaris. They are caused by a viral infection of the skin. This occurs as a result of direct contact with the virus. They do not spread through the blood stream and occur more commonly in children than adults. When they occur on the bottom of the foot, they are called plantar warts. There are various available treatments for warts, including topical solutions and cryotherapy. While these options can be effective, warts persist despite use of these treatments. Some people may have specific difficulties with these treatment options including the inconvenience of frequency and length of time that topical solutions may need to be applied. But another highly effective treatment option is now available! Laser treatment has been shown to have a high success rate in clearing warts, including warts that may have been previously unresponsive to other treatments. In a study involving 348 people, a 96% success rate was achieved in clearing warts using the GenesisPlus laser system (1). These are very promising results, when compared with other studies of cryotherapy for example, that have reported clearance rates below 70% (1).

Blood vessels are a characteristic feature of warts and help to maintain growth of warts. It is believed that the laser pulse is absorbed by these blood vessels, causing destruction of blood vessels to the warts. This deprives nutrient supply to the wart, thus impeding further growth of virus-containing skin cells.

Treatments take about 15-30 minutes. The number of laser treatment sessions that are required to remove warts will depend on the size and depth of the warts. More superficial warts may be eradicated successfully with only one treatment session, while deeper warts may require up to 4 sessions.

Scars and skin rejuvenation

Keloid and Hypertrophic scarring, from surgical or traumatic injury (several treatments are necessary)
Acne scars (several treatment sessions are necessary)Burn and Trauma scars- including contractures (a series of treatments are necessary)

The Laser Genesis lasers treat the general textural changes that are associated with damaged skin. The middle dermal layer is targeted by the laser, with only a feeling of warmth, which stimulates collagen production and reorganization. Over the course of treatment, the appearance of scars improves and the scar blends with the surrounding skin.

Treatment for scarring, using the Laser Genesis System, requires no down time and is pain free. Multiple treatments are usually necessary and done every 3-4 weeks.
Scar tissue is the whitening and slight rising of the skin after there has been such bad damage that the body cannot heal it. It can be unsightly and very severe depending of the incident that caused it.
Advanced Laser Therapy for Hypertrophic scar is an innovative modality to treat and accelerate scar remodeling, minimize redness associated with scar. Also, enhanced cosmoses also soften and relax the tension in scars, improving mobility for the patient.

Laser Genesis by Cutera is the most effective complexion laser on the market for treating fine lines and the signs of ageing.  This ground breaking laser is the only complexion laser that is guaranteed to stimulate and increase dermal collagen production for refreshing your entire face.  With practically no down time or surface damage to your skin this new generation laser is the latest technologically advanced way to promote long lasting vibrant glowing skin

The genesis laser can stimulate the skin’s healing and collagen production underneath the skin without damaging the surface layer, resulting in a smoother texture and refined tone.  Scientifically proven to produce new collagen, the laser genesis is an innovative new laser technology that can treat the signs of aging and sun damage such as redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine lines.

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