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Diabetes & Podiatry

At A Healthy Step Clinic, our Podiatrist specialize in helping to manage and prevent foot conditions that occur as a result of living with Diabetes.

Diabetes is marked by the inability to manufacture or properly use insulin, and impairs the body’s ability to convert sugars, starches, and other foods into energy. Diabetes is a systemic disease which may affect many different parts of the body. The foot is well supplied by many small blood vessels. These may become blocked as a possible complication of diabetes. Poor blood supply results in providing less nutrients to the extremities which may result in poor or slower health causing infections.

Damage to the nerves and the blood supply of the feet caused by diabetes can put your feet at risk of damage. This damage is more likely if you have had diabetes for a long time, if blood glucose levels have been too high for too long, if you smoke or are inactive.

Looking after your diabetes and having regular checks will help to delay or even prevent the development of diabetes complications, including problems with your feet.

Some issues which require ongoing assessment include:

  • Footwear
  • Hygiene
  • Nail and skin pathology
  • HbA1c monitoring (blood sugar level control)
  • Biomechanics

If you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes (insulin-resistance), ask your GP if you are eligible to receive Medicare funded Podiatry visits under the EPC scheme. Podiatry can help preserve the health of your feet, to keep you living an active and healthy life.


To prevent diabetic foot problems people with diabetes should:


  • Protect their feet from injury
  • Inspect their feet daily
  • Understand foot care and infection prevention
  • Footwear knowledge e.g. adequate shoe style and fit for their feet
  • See a podiatrist immediately if something is not healing or doesn’t look right
  • Have an annual diabetes foot assessment with a podiatrist to determine if their feet are at risk


National Diabetes Health Care Guidelines recommend people with diabetes have their feet checked by a podiatrist at least twice every 12 months

Hence as the saying goes “best treatment is to prevent the causative factor”.

At A Healthy Step Clinic our Podiatrist combine up to date equipment and evidence based practice to let you know how your body is doing and how you can look after it using various assessment such as

  • Doppler ultrasound to determine efficiency of blood flow.
  • Neurological assessment
  • Vascular assessment.

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