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Common Disorders

Bunions, otherwise know as Hallux abductoValgus is a deformity where the first toe is laterally deviated. Bunions can cause pain at the enlarged joint. Usually the first toe joint is Affected and can push other digits out of alignment. Early diagnosis can help reduce pain and suffering at the joint and avert further degeneration of joint.

These corns are usually dark and hard skin (callus) covering. They are normally on the plantar (bottom) aspect of the foot. They can cause intense pain can simply be removed with little or no pain.

Heloma Maloe (soft corn)

These corns usually develop between the digits (interdigitally) where the joint are compressed together and hence prevents water loss.

Heloma milliare (seed corns)

These corns can occur either singly or as disperse clusters.

They usually develop at margins of weight bearing areas.

Tinia pedis (athlete’s foot)

Tinia pedis is a fungal infection of the foot. The condition can occur to any age group in particular individual who have lowered immune system and diabetes. Differentiation from other conditions and early diagnosis is essential for speedy recovery.

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