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Children Feet Problem

Children’s foot and walking problems can be of great parental concern. Walking problems are often asymptomatic and are first noticed when the child walks. Their gait may look unusual, awkward, shoes may show signs of uneven wear and they may even trip over a lot.

Children can also suffer from a range of symptomatic problems affecting the foot and lower leg. Children may complain of “growing pains” at night or pain during or after sport.

 With children it is essential to identify as early as possible, any problems that might need specialist treatment in order to prevent problems later in life.

Children may experience a variety of feet problems starting from a young age. Some may be due to genetic factors, while others are due to incorrect walking patterns the child has picked up.

It is important to diagnose and fix these feet problems early on in life as they may cause much bigger complications as they grow older, such as postural misalignment. These in turn can make your child more susceptible to injury during both everyday activities and sports.

Some pain where children may experience due to conditions are;

  • Flat Feet,
  • In-toeing,
  • ankle injury and
  • leg length discrepancy.

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